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Since 1974, experience, flexibility, timeliness and reliability in casting

non-ferrous metals and other processes


Our history begins in 1974, when the founder and current CEO Roberto Savaresi decided to use his previous work experience to become an entrepreneur.

Despite the economic difficulties at that time, with perseverance, we managed to win and increase our market share and in the 80s we had to buy a new warehouse to better meet the needs of the ever-growing number of customers.

In order to improve the service and the quality of the product, in the mid-90s, we decided to open our foundry, which now constitutes the "beating heart" of Casa del Bronzo.

With the new millennium, the second generation, Fabrizio Savaresi, joined the company after a previous work experience in a multinational company before devoting himself to the family business.
Mission We want to meet our customers' needs at 360°, offering an impeccable service both for large-scale industry and for small craft businesses.

Non-Ferrous Metal Foundry

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Strengths Experience: 45 years of work dedicated exclusively to producing and marketing bronze speaks for itself.

Flexibility: our streamlined company structure allows us to better follow our customers' needs, whether it is large amounts or individual parts (there is no minimum order quantity).

Timeliness: we always have pipes, round and flat, made of various bronze alloys, ready for prompt delivery and, thanks to our foundry, we are able to quickly restock any missing sizes to dispatch orders rapidly.

Reliability: over the decades we have always met our commitments to our stakeholders.
Production capacity We currently have a production capacity of approximately 5000 kg per day.
We are able to produce centrifuged pipes with a maximum outside diameter of 1040 mm x 600 mm in length.

Thanks to our long-standing experience we are able to produce and make steel moulds to be used in our machines for chill-casting and centrifugal casting according to customer specifications.

We also have lathes for roughing parts, up to 1200 mm in diameter. We can coat steel and cast iron hubs with all types of metal.

Since 1974, Casa del Bronzo offers all its experience in producing and processing various bronze alloys.