Centrifugal casting Made in Italy, guarantee of quality

Production of centrifugation tubes in all bronze and brass alloys.

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All-round advice, tailor made solutions

From the design of the mold to the realization of the finished piece

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Your urgencies, our daily lives

An unparalleled assortment of bars always available for immediate delivery.

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Bronze and brass bearings

We are able to supply bushings, plates, washers and other parts according to the drawing starting from the castings of our production.

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We are the solution

Even the best hubs need protective coatings.

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Avoid waste, buy sheets cut to measure

We have in stock a wide assortment of CUSN6 laminated sheets that we can cut to size according to your processing needs.

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Centrifugal casting tubes
Gravity die casting
Continuous casting bars
Bearings finished on drawing
Hub coating
CuSn6 laminated sheets

Casa del Bronzo: your strategic partner

Since 1974 we have specialized in the production of centrifugal casting tubes and shell castings in non-ferrous alloys. We have developed a consolidated partnership with hundreds of customers all over the world to whom we are able to supply tubes with a raw external diameter up to 1500 mm, solid rounds with a diameter up to 750 mm, plates cut to size with a thickness up to 500 mm as well as bearings and other finished parts.

Why choose us


Our decades of experience places us as a point of reference in the industry of non ferrous casting. We are able to produce castings both in standard alloys and on customer specifications.


A particularly streamlined company structure allows us to respond promptly to the needs of our customers regardless of the size of the order.


We have tubes, rounds and plates in various bronze alloys always ready for delivery. The internal foundry allows us to quickly replenish the missing measures.


We have always respected the commitments made towards all stakeholders with the utmost punctuality. This is why we have been awarded the "Cribis prime company" award attesting maximum commercial reliability.

Our non-ferrous metal foundry offers everything you can ask from a business partner: reliability, precision, speed, transparency. we guarantee quality on a single piece but also on large quantities. We work to offer impeccable service but also timely delivery.

Our production

We produce 8000 kg of non-ferrous metal alloy castings every day.


Calculate the amount of bronze needed

Using this tool you can calculate the amount of bronze required to produce your pieces in each alloy.


Production capacity

We can produce up to 8000 kg per day of castings in non-ferrous alloys.

Maximum dimensions

We can produce centrifuged tubes with a maximum external diameter of 1500 mm, solid round tubes with a maximum diameter of 750 mm and flat bars of 525 x 260 x 2000 mm.

Stock availability

Always available 1000 tons of casting for prompt delivery.

non-ferrous alloys


There are hundreds of non-ferrous metal alloys that differ substantially both in terms of chemical composition and mechanical characteristics.

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bronze alloys

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